About Me

Who am I?

Guy who builds data-driven software and sets up cloud infrastructure for that addictive monthly salary. Take that away and I like to read internet journalism and Wikipedia too much, eat all the unhealthy stuff with relish, binge watch YouTube, occasionally cycle or play badminton, and try to finish at least one video game a year.

Where am I?

All over the Delhi National Capital Region in India as far as the Delhi Metro can take me.

Why am I?

God willed it.

Either that, or poor decision making by my parents.

Quote to live & die by?

“It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

- Invictus, William Ernest Henry

Why are you so strongly opinionated online?

मेरी मर्जी।

Nice site. What’s the stack?

It’s still a hackneyed job underneath. Just to enrich your knowledge and acknowledge the hard work of the devs which made each bit of this site’s toolchain possible, here’s the list:

  • Atlantic theme for jekyll-rb by Zerostatic. I modified it to meet some of my design needs.
  • Netlify for currently testing & building, because for some reason bundle install (Ruby’s Bundler) refuses to work on my WSL setup. I don’t want to move the site to another platform for now, so I manually have to upload the final built pages from Netlify. This will be replaced soon with GitHub Actions-based deployment.
  • GitHub Pages, hosting my previously dormant website since the last decade. Seeing that all my work revolves around GitHub products, I plan to host it here and keep the files accessible for whoever wants to have a dekko underneath.
  • GitHub Codespaces, for rapid editing and iterations.
  • Disqus to provide an entire comments & reaction system for the site’s posts.